We Hope You'll Like Our Hand-Drawn Arts! :-)
Marin & Marireis
We're 2 little sisters, Marin 12 years old and Marireis, 10. We both like drawing a lot and we hope many kids will also enjoy doing arts.

All of the NFT arts are 100% hand-drawn by the two of us and they remain in their original hand-drawn form, without tempered or edited with any image tool.

We hope you'll like them and will collect. We also hope they could worth a small fortune for you in the future, as we'll continue to build this project with our Dad!

First Drop Will Be On February, 17th 2022

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All of them will be available in Open Sea on the drop date at 9.00 AM EST US. The starting floor price is 0.02 ETH.

I Am Not Lazy
No Brick House
We Never Forget 
Love Lane
Mighty And Gentle
All Places Are Beautiful
The Colorful Bricks
The Pirate Ship
The Invisible Ghost
Crescent Doodle
Happy Bee 
Tomorrow's Hope
Marireis First Anime Gal
Marireis First Anime Guy
Heritage Building In Coffee
Brooklyn Bridge I See
The Heritage City
The Atap House
My House
The Kampung House
Money Is Relative
House With Many Windows To See
Marin First Anime Gal
Marin First Anime Guy

Video Tutorials

In case you are new towards buying NFTs in OpenSea, here are some videos to help you get started.

Here are some references on the terms mentioned in the videos:

1. Metamask - This is your wallet to store your cryptos and NFTs.

2. Ethereum - Ethereum is a crypto coin and it's the "currency" use to buy NFTs in OpenSea.

3. OpenSea - OpenSea is whe website to purchase the NFT. Think of it like the "eBay for NFTs".

Step #1: Metamask Account

You can skip this video tutorial if you already have a Metamask account. Metamask is a crypto account to store your Ethereum and blockchain transaction history.

Step #2: How To Buy An NFT In OpenSea.io By Using A Credit Card Or Ethereum

The video tutorial below will show you how to buy an NFT in OpenSea. Please note that you'll need to have a Metamask Wallet to purchase. For relatively low price NFT, if you do not have any Ethereum, you can just use credit card to make the purchase.